Tuesday, March 05, 2013

FO: The Aztecs are coming...!

To date I have sewn very little jersey. I don't have an overlocker for starters; and my machine still has nightmares about a particularly thin and cheap jersey she ate last year. But when I saw this Aztec print jersey just before Christmas, I was tempted to try again. I reasoned that at £11 a metre (yes you read that right!) the quality of THIS jersey had to be as good as it seemed. I knew as soon as I clapped eyes on it, what it would be destined for. I don't wear alot of "busy" patterns like this, but when I do, I like to keep the style simple, and let the fabric do the talking. So yes, you guessed it....this is yet ANOTHER variation of my kimono tee pattern, with a couple of tweaks....

I lengthened the pattern and cut a high/low curved hem. It's fast becoming a favourite of mine. I drafted something similar here, only this time I cut a convex curve at the front. So the hem basically resembles shirt tails.  I was a little worried about hemming. I mean a curve hem on woven fabrics is bad enough; but on jersey?! Ah well, I had a little eureka moment!! Which I shall share once I've worked out where I've saved the pics!  Oh, and the top is teamed with another pair of refashioned jeans, so I guess that's two FO's!

Everything's been a little manic for the past week. We finally finished up filming the pilot at the weekend. Now it goes to edit for about a week and then....then it goes to the channel and we spend a week or so biting our nails to find out if they want to commission the full series. The weekend was fun. Bloody cold, but fun. We were filming outside all afternoon in Camden Market. Nothing like being filmed in a place filled with achingly cool and hip types to make a girl feel self conscious, ha ha!

Anyway, fingers crossed and I shall keep you all posted ;)


  1. That's cute, love the curved hem and the print. Well worth the eleven pounds!

  2. Ooh miss p it's lovely, suits you very much.
    Good luck with the tv show, make sure you spread the news so we can watch..... ;-)

  3. This is a beautiful top, I love that yo kept it simple...I could do with taking a leaf out of your book in this sense ;o) Make sure you tell us when the pilot will air please Miss P!!!

  4. Awesome top lady, and love the blog redesign! xxx

  5. Awesome print, very cute with the cropped pants :)

  6. The pattern is very nice. Happy you managed to sew it on a regular machine...I hate those flimsy jerseys too.

  7. looks great! the colours really suit you!

  8. Busy print, but put to good use. Love the longer length at the back.

  9. That looks fantastic, and surely worth the £11 metre pay off? I have never actually sewn anything for wearing myself, and am determined to do so this year - would you recommend this pattern for a first time project? I've done plenty of other object based sewing but never clothes ...

  10. That print looks fantastic - surely worth the £11 a metre pay off? I have never actually managed to make anything to wear for myself - would you recommend this pattern for a first timer? I have sewn plenty of objects, just never any clothes.

    1. Hi Flossie!
      Absolutely! SUCH an easy make. Go for it!


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