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  1. I've got to your blogspot via a post on Knitting Paradise a knitting and crochet forum. Just spent an hour or so looking at your archive getting inspired and thoroughly enjoying my 'Mother's Day'. Thank you. I'll come back for more later! Sandra Taylor (Portsmouth, UK)

  2. I love your refashionings, they are so elegant, timeless and cool. You have great style. I am definitely going to try your pashmina refashions, I am looking forward to your blogs on how you did them. I have some beautiful pashminas that I never have a chance to wear. I am thinking of trying to make a color blocking dress out of two of them which are beautiful shades of grey and silver. Keep up the great work of keeping us inspired. Cheers

    1. How kind of you! Thankyou :)
      The colour blocking sounds like a GREAT idea!

  3. You are wonderful and your DIY's! I've learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing, lovely lady!



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